Saturday, 8 October 2011

Beer, german food, and heavy shit

My alarm goes off at 6:30 am and I don't want to get out of bed...

It's the Bavarian strongman challenge and I have to be there for 10:30, only an hour away but I give myself time to slowly get ready. Fuck it, I'm a lazy bum and hit snooze until 8:30. Slam back a good breakfast of oatmeal, natural peanut butter, and protein powder and hit the road. On the way there I start to get nervous. This is my first time competing at this level and I don't know how I'll do (probably last).

10 am I arrive in Kitchener, stoked and scared but hell I'll give'r hard and fuck the scoreboard. Show up, find a place to set up and wait... long wait but that was expected. We go over the rules, pick out the starting order and I draw second, fuck.

First event is the truck pull. Harness and rope to pull a 40,000 pound truck 100'. First guy goes and smokes the course in about 33 seconds. I think that this won't be too bad. I harness up, set up and start. My start was slow, took a bit to get the truck going but once it was going, I was going good. I got caught up trying to keep handling the rope and I wasn't sure if it cost me time but the start is where I need work. Finished with a time of 35.96 seconds.

Next was log. 270 clean and press every rep. Shit, best I've done is a 245 log, so this was to be interesting. I cleaned the log, gave it a shot... but no go. Not enough warm up and it just was too heavy for me today. Big fat Zero.

Next was a medley of duck walk and farmers. 400 pound duck walk for 80' then 270 pounds per hand farmers back. I was a bit worried as in training the 275 farmers felt heavy to pick, but the handles were high so my worries went away. I smoked the duck walk, I think, but it drained my quads. I was able to move the farmers about 16' but didn't have the energy to finish. Not too bad but wanted more out of the farmers. I need to work on my conditioning at these higher weights.

Fourth was the 800 pounds yoke walk. I did this in training with eric, so I felt good at this weight.  I psyched up and got under that bad boy, it just felt heavy. I couldn't move with it, my quads were fried. My hips kept popping forward when picking it up, but I kept at it. I only got like 11', but hell I tried.

Last was stones, oh those atlas stones... 5 stones 185,275,300,330,360. I felt that I am good for four out of the five. I tape up and tacky up... way too early, but meh. I am using my PR tacky, that stuff can warm up on my skin and get nice and sticky. I go up, I nailed the first one, lift and nail the second. The third, I got up but couldn't see the podium. Luckily I had eric shouting that I was good, so I got it up. Onto the 330, now I can make excuses that my tacky wore out and wasn't sticky (and it did) but it is no real good reason to not nail this stone. I just couldn't nail it. Three out of the five, I wanted four but got three.

I ended the day in last place, it sounds bad but I walked away from this as a learning experience. I got lots of tips and information from the other competitors and feel I showed my mettle today. No one can take that from me.

So where does this leave me? It leaves me hungry, hungry for so much more. I want to compete at this level again. I want to smash some serious weight. I know where to work on. My pressing needs to be hammered and so does my conditioning. Some technique work too but I have a good base of people to train with and learn from. 2012 will be a good year for me.

Monday, 26 September 2011

I'm so full of shit

I know in my last post I said I was done for the year, well I am the decision to do one more this year, and this is a heavy ass one. I will more than likely come in last place, but with that said in no way am I going into it thinking that. I won't win, I know that. Ontario's Strongest man, Paul V., is competing and he is a damn machine. I won't beat him. I will though, give it all hell and make people go "DAMN!"

So in prep. I went and trained with a buddy who is damn stronger than me, but with his encouragement and just training with him I went from worried about the events to confident. I nailed some good Atlas stone work, moved a Yoke close to the contest weight (which at 900 lbs, 50 lbs doesn't make a huge difference) and I may not do so well on the log, but I'll at least be able to give it a damn good shot. The other two events I am not too worried about, I can pull heavy and am decent at the truck pull.

I'll have a full write up of the contest after I do it, unless it kills me... then well... shit.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Last competition of the year and looking forward

Just for the record, I hate making weight. I just hate it. I know i am able to very easily as I am basically at 275 and have been for a long time but I tried out the whole sauna and dehydration thing and did it ever suck ass.

So this weekend was my last competition of the year, and it being a powerlifting meet, it was a good end. I started with a powerlifting one back in February and ended here.

Leading up to the meet I knew I was sitting right at the cusp of 275 so I decided that I needed to make sure I met the weight class, so I did a dry cut, basically made sure not to drink much liquid after guzzling it down the days before. Friday I stopped fluids and tried to sleep, it was shitty. I was cramping and coughing from a cold. Wake up saturday hating life and hit the sauna. this was to test my tolerance as I already was under 275 in the morning. I was only able to last three 20 minutes sessions before wanting to kill all humans and consume their flesh. Oh, and drink their blood to rehydrate. Plus the cold wasn't helping.

I made my way over to the meet area for weigh ins after saturday's lifting, not happy to wait for three hours, but fuck I had little other choices. once my grumpy dance was over it was time to rehydrate. Slam back four Costco brand gaterades and some water. Also ate some apples and some carbs to refeed, cramps in abs not going away... apparently I strained my abs golfing, who the fuck does that? me it appears. Fuck it, it's food time.

My dinner in a few hours was at a Brazilian Rodizio. anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's a Brazilian steakhouse where they give you as much yummy meat as you can handle. It was a mutha fuckin' feast of meat! I kept from over doing it, but damn it was good. I was good to go the next day.

Sunday comes I make my way over to the meet, abs a bit better but still a cold. I was not going to let it affect me. I had my lifts planned and I stuck to them. While warming up for squats my quads were bugging me and feeling sore. It didn't seem to be a problem though as my squats seemed fine. I get ready go up for my opener and after I unrack it hits me, I didn't close the lever on my belt. I said 'fuck it' in my head and go for it, 185 KG flies up. I laugh at it and get ready for my second attempt. 200 kg on the bar, the walk out feels good, heavy but good. I got a red light on the first attempt so I made sure to bury this one. Had to fight it up after a sticking point but no collapse of the upper back. Good for three whites. Third attempt was 210 kg, just wasn't there today.

Next was bench. during warm ups my shoulders were bugging me and the weight were feeling heavy, balls. Sucked it up and stuck with the plan, opened at a low 110 kg, and smoked it. Felt good actually, so went with 120 kg next. It was a bit of a fight but it went up. Attempted 125 kg last but again, didn't go. I was cramping a lot when setting up for the bench and that threw me off a bit, but I went through it and knew I wasn't going to hit anything huge today.

Last was the deadlifts. The day was starting to get to me, felt a bit drained but ready to pull something big. Warming up the pulls felt good, nothing was heavy or hard. Went out to pull 210 kg as my opener and it flew up. Felt really good, stuck to the plan and went for 230 kg. Stepped in and muscled it out, three whites. By now I had beaten my law meet total of 45 kg. Pretty good improvement in just seven months. My third attempt was 236 kg as it would have been a national record, but not pull.

Overall a good day, did the sickness screw me up? could I have done better at 100%, who knows. I won't make excuses, I did my best and came out with a total that was 45 kg over my last meet. It's time now to go back, find where I need to work on and just build more strength and speed for next year. I'm too beaten up to compete again any time soon, so I shall relax a bit.

Monday, 12 September 2011

One step closer to the big dance

That is one more step closer to competing at Ontario's Strongest man. That is my goal for next year, I''m shooing high.

So This weekend was the Law enforcement and fire games in Belleville, the strongman event. Leading up to the event I was feeling strong but also a bit nervous as I had let my strongman stuff take a backseat to powerlifting. I pack up, drive down, and get my shit in order.

It was a good day to have it. It was nice and warm, sunny, and no big winds. The venue was good, a nice big parking lot with a park behind it, unfortunately the crowd was small. I didn't care, I was there to prove that I am an up and comer, along with some others there.

First event was the truck pull, 20,000 pound fire truck using a harness and rope. For me, I was not concerned at all with this event. I am strong in my legs and have been doing heavy prowler pushes all year. My start was slow but once I got it moving I motored. I had one slip near the end as the rope was thin and I lost my rhythm in my pulling. Finished at 28.91 seconds which tied me for 8th. Now that doesn't sound so good until you realize that first was 24.19, so the separation in the times was close throughout. Points were not coming easy today. Overall, I felt good with it

Next was log press for max weight, last man standing rules. Every one did the weight and if you failed, you were done. We started at 200, pressed no problem, the next jump was to 240. My first thought, "fuck". I had been having log press problems all summer, I wanted a 220 next not 240. So when my turn came up I did what I always do in this situation, get fucking mad at the weight. the clean felt really good and the first attempt, too far out. Regrouped with the log on my chest, dipped and nailed the 240 log. I was damn pleased. heaviest log press to date, and a 40 pound PR from last summer. I tried 260, got it to my chest but no go on the press. Good for a tie for 5th.

Next event was the police cruiser push, which was a mini van 50 ft and then a suv 50 ft. Again, no worries here as I have been doing my prowler work. I set a good pace and felt that it was a good run but it was in 44.86 seconds, again good for 8th. Not too happy but eh. can't argue it, it was a good run.

Last event was the atlas stone to 56" for reps. I got to choose either a 255 pound stone or a 300 pound stone. I went for the 300 pounder, no guts no glory. In the end, I shit the bed on this event. I got a big goose egg of a 0. I got the stone up to the lip twice fairly easy, but my inexperience with stones showed, I was too far back when attempting to get it on the platform and it cost me here.

I finished 9th out of 12 and this is with a zero on the last event. I think that I did well, I have gained a lot of strength and just have to keep at it. I saw no real weakness over inexperience this time out. So I now have a winter to heal up and get stronger.

The one thing I took away from this day was always man the fuck up and give it your all. In no way are you going to get anywhere without putting it all out there and doing your best. I got a zero on an event, so what? I could have done the 255 stone and got points, but that wasn't what I trained for. I'm not going to go out and sell myself short of what I can do.  i'm pumped about how I feel I did, and am ready for this upcoming weekend's powerlifting competition. so get out there and fucking lift heavy shit. no one is gonna be impressed with your 135 for 15.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nearing the end

Well I am getting close to the end of my competition season. I have said fuck it to the long training session to make way for my upcoming powerlifting meet. Why do I need to pull 440 7 times when I am going to only pull three weights? doesn't make sense.

Right now I am working up to doubles or singles. This week was a 425 squat so far, today is hopefully a 240 log, and tomorrow a 505 deadlift. I want to be able to hit a 240 or 250 log on sept. 10th, so shooting for it this week will do me some good. I have a lot of power and technique, I feel confident with getting under a 240 log.

The deadlift should fly up. I am training my CNS to handle the weights right now. Everything else seems to be in place and hopefully I can take back two of my four records on the 17th.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Back from the dead

I know it's been over a month, but other parts of my life have gotten in the way. I just haven't felt like blogging.

This past saturday was my second competition of the year. This was a bit heavier than the one in New Liskeard and just as tough. It was in woodstock ontario, and the day itself was great. not too hot and it didn't rain.

The day started off well, with my nagging back and stiff right calf feeling good for once, I carbed up and headed off to grab two other team members. I was feeling good, I got lots of sleep and felt pretty fresh.

Once we got there we signed in and started measuring up the competition. From the looks of it, we had a couple powerlifters and a few others who have done this show in the past. So it was looking to be a good show overall.

First up was the 19" silver dollar deadlift. this isn't one of my events. I have a good pull, but knowing that a bit over 600 is my max, I felt I would place mid pack on this one. 561 flew up easily as did 601. I was feeling good but after seeing a bunch of others put 661 as their final attempt... I tried too. I got it off the ground but couldn't finish the lift... My original plan was to attempt 641 last... but tried 661 and it cost me, 601 got me a tie for 9th. Not too bad, but not where I wanted to be.

Next was log press, 220 lbs log for reps with only needing one clean. I suck at overhead pressing, so i was hoping for 3 or 4 reps that would keep me in the hunt for a good placing. I nailed to tough reps. Not bad but I killed my legs trying to get those two. Good enough for 7th.

Third up was the 495 lbs frame carry. I thought it was for 75'... turns out it was for 150'. balls, but still no problem. I knew I was going to finish this. The pick up was quick and smooth, and after watching so many people struggle with the frame swaying side to side i used a short quick step approach. It worked well for me as I finished the 150' in just over 42 seconds. still in 7th.

Last was the 700 lbs tire flip for 75'. Again, this is one of my better events. I got a good start and kept the gas on the whole 60 seconds. about 35 seconds in my grip starting giving me problems and a few flips were slow. I ended up 3' from finishing. good enough for 6th.

Overall it was a good day. I placed about where I wanted to. I have shown that I have made huge gains this year and am hungry for the next step up into the field with the big boys.

Below is the video footage of the day.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Been a long time coming...

I've been lazy lately and haven't updated. Fuck it, I can update when I feel like it!

I actually have been dealing with personal things, so my training logs and blog have been lacking, but I have still been training like a mofo.

So my 20 week extended version of the Juggernaut training system is over. How are my lifts looking? all up by 10% or more. I gain a lot of power and stamina while training it. The incorporation of all types of lifting with an actual progression of the main lifts helped build a really good strength base. I also tackled my weaknesses.

I had a weak upper back which was causing problems on my deads and squats. Working hard with good mornings brought that up. I hit my triceps hard to improve my log and bench numbers. I also have loved the use of the prowler as it has given me way more conditioning than I had in previous years.

coming up I have three competitions in twos months. I am going to stick with the program and do the waves of 5s and 3s to keep my CNS good for heavy weights but I am also going to make sure to peak right before the last competition as it is the only powerlifting competition.

I have video of my performance in New liskeard and will post it once it is uploaded. Again, I am a lazy bastard that would rather look at porn.